Get your popular lights

If you get in touch with Ram Rugby Site, you can select your best and preferred Portable Flood Lights of both used nature and for hire. There are range of these new products that are ideal for clubs, schools and other non-sport related requirements. These products are also available at competitive prices. Some of the two best options include:

1. TL-90 Floodlight

This mobile floodlight range will provide your club with an option of training and playing matches in low light conditions throughout the winter. With their portability and power, these pitch are the perfect addition to any club looking to extend time on the pitch. They are of two options, that is, 4 floodlights 1000W metal halide or 4 x 300W LED. Their manufacturing began in 2017 – so it is new, you can give it a new try. The product has a run time of 80 hours, coupled with a Kubota Engine. Plus, it has an average sound pressure level of @ 7m – 60dB(A). It has a mast maximum height of 9 metres, and a mast raising or lowering time of approximately 12 to 18 seconds. It can outdo a wind speed of up to 100km/h. Its dimensions are fully deployed as 2870mm (L) x 2639mm (W) x 9010mm (H) and finally, it has a weight fully fueled of 1050kgs and unfueled of 933kgs.

2. Li-Ion Solaris Mega Star Lite LED

This is ideal for lighting both small and large sports pitches with an excellent light output of 16,000 lumens per Megastar. It is now supplied with a hi-tech lithium-ion battery pack which is both lightweight and long lasting. It has lumens capacity of 16000 and a high quality LED lighting source. It can give light for approximate period of 4 lighting levels. With a 16000 lumen, it can light up of 2 hours, 8000 lumen can light up for 4 hours, 4000 lumen can light up for 8 hours and 2000 lumen can light up for 16 hours. As for light life, it can take approximately 30,000 hours. It is fixed with a Lightweight Li-Ion 18A/H battery. Plus, its construction is lightweight Aluminium Tripod, adjustable height of between 1.5m to 3.5m and 10kgs weight that includes the battery. From the store, it can be delivered to you for a convenient period of time, that is, 7 to 10 working days.

If you have been thinking about getting Portable Flood Lights, here is the opportunity to get you on your fast move. Best of luck!!